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Welcome. On this page, you'll find details of all organised bike rides in or near the Scottish capital. These rides are run by local cycling clubs, groups and individuals, and are mostly free and open to all. If you like the idea of cycling in congenial company with a knowledgeable leader, you're sure to find a run here that's right for your experience and level of fitness.

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Although the lockdown is now gradually being eased, it is still not possible for local cycling groups to organise their usual programme of rides.

According to the current regulations, we are limited to meeting 15 people from up to five households out of doors. In practice, that usually means that only four riders plus the leader would be able to join a ride. In addition, the two-metre rule still applies. For those reasons, it is clearly still not feasible to organise group rides in any useful way.

We all hope that the situation will improve in the coming weeks. As soon as local cycling groups feel that they can safely resume their rides, I will publish full details on this page. In the meantime, you can still access the various cycling-related articles on this site.

Despite the lack of organised rides, I hope you manage to enjoy some cycling in the rest of the summer, either on your own or with small groups of family and friends.

August 2020

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